Issue: June 2020 – Vol. 110

The Spirit Breathes New Life

“Wait for the promise of the Father – you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses”

Acts of the Apostles 1:4, 8

Table of Contents

In This Issue: Where Is the Lord Leading Us?


The Spirit Breathes New Life and Grace, by Carlos Mantica, and A Gifted Man of God and Servant of Jesus Christ by Fr. Victoriano Arizti

Eulogy of Carlos Mantica by Jean Barbara, and Tributes to Carlos Mantica by Fernando Aldea and Manuel De Urquidi

Together with Passionate Zeal for Jesus Christ, and Setting Personal Goals for the Upward Call – Especially in a Time of Crisis by Jerry Munk

Reading the Signs of the Times: COVID 19 – A Sign from God? Part 2 May 2020, by Bruce Yocum

The Great Blessing We Already Have – Our Covenant Commitment, by Carlos Alonso Vargas

Overcoming the Flesh and Yielding to the Spirit, by Steve Clark

The Grace of Yielding: The Spirit of Christ, and Part 2: Being Willing to Yield, by Derek Prince

Taking a Stand for Truth: Biblical Portraits of Faith and Courage, by Jeanne Kun

Fire on the Earth – What Is God Doing in the World Today? by Ralph Martin


From a Mess to a Masterpiece, a Wreck to a Winner, by Tom Caballes

The Strategic Grandparent, A New Book by Mike Shaughnessy

Those Who Hope Will Soar: Kairos Weekend – Vienna 2020 Report and Testimonies

The Power of Hope, by Sam Williamson

Do Not Negotiate with Fear, by Katia Dahan

Pregnant in a Pandemic, by Joy Mary Barbara Naim

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by Carlos Alonso Vargas

The Exodus Trilogy: The Burning Bush, Decalogue, and Pillar of Fire, Prints by Jeanne Kun with commentary

The First Fruits of Pentecost, A reflection and prayer on the Jewish celebration of Pentecost

Come, Holy Spirit – Prayers and Reflections on the Gift of the Holy Spirit