October 2007 - Vol. 12
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My Tears Have Become My Bread by Joshua Birk, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Why does it hurt us so when we fail to receive this intangible, indescribable thing we call “love”?
A piece of inner-city tumbleweed rolled in front of me, but I did not let the empty potato chip bag break my stride. I was a man on a mission. It was my first day as a youth worker in Detroit, and I was determined to make a good impression on the first kid I was going to meet. 

Feast or Famine?: Have we lost our ability to feast?
And what can we do to recover this important part of our Christian culture? by Bernhard Stock, Munich, Germany
Gifts and Graces: Part I - The Breath of God, by Steve Clark
Zacchaeus and His Unexpected Dinner Guest: what if Jesus came to dinner at your house? by Jeanne Kun
Planted by His Kind Hands: Árbol de Vida community celebrates its 30th anniversary, by Claire de Mézerville, Costa Rica
Making a Difference in Uganda: university students meet for Christian leadership training, by Dallas Burholder
A Spiritual Vision Welded: a sculptress shares her faith and work, by Marianne Kantert, Olching, Germany
Zacchaeus' Tall Tale: a poem by Jeanne Kun, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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