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Previous Articles: God's Word Alive
The Obedient Son: The humility of the Son of the King, by Steve Clark
Rooted in God's Word: Being rooted in Christ through his word, by Jeanne Kun
Reading the Parables of Jesus: An orientation to reflective meditation, by Don Schwager
Bringing the Gospels to Life: A way of Christian meditation, by Jeanne Kun
Good Teacher: What kind of teacher was Jesus of Nazareth? by Carlos Mantica
Lessons from Exodus - Part I: Meeting failure and rejection with faith, by Mark Whitters
Lessons from Exodus - Part II: Confronting apathy with the burning bush, by Mark Whitters
Lessons from Exodus - Part III: God chooses Israel as he chose Moses, by Mark Whitters
What Is the Greatest Title of All? Whoever would be great among you..., by Don Schwager
Home: Our Abiding Place, Taking Scripture to heart, by Jeanne Kun
Topical Bible Study, by Jeanne Kun
Reading Scripture with the Early Church Fathers, by Don Schwager
With Jesus in the Wilderness for Forty Days, by Don Schwager, London, UK
Simon Peter: Transforming weakness into strength, by Jeanne Kun
The Ten Plagues: Spiritual Lessons for us today, by Don Schwager, London, UK
Zacchaeus and His Unexpected Dinner Guest, by Jeanne Kun
The Hope of Heaven, by Jeanne Kun
Pilgrims, Travelers, and Citizens of Heaven, by Jeanne Kun
gifts and graces
Gifts and Graces: Part I - The Breath of God, by Steve Clark
Gifts and Graces We Can Expect: Part II, by Steve Clark
Gifts and Graces for All: Part III - The gifts of the Spirit in Isaiah 11:1-5, by Steve Clark
God in Bethlehem's Cave: A reflection on Christ's birth, by Don Schwager
Mary Magdalene: A portrait of love stronger than death, by Jeanne Kun
Beholding His Glory: With Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, by Don Schwager
Dying to Defeat Death: The death of Jesus was a victory over death itself, by Steve Clark
Mary Magdalene: Witness to the Risen Lord, by Jeanne Kun
The Grace of Pentecost, by Steve Clark
The First Fruits of Pentecost, A scriptural reflection by Don Schwager
Restored to Life: The Raising of the widow's son, by Jeanne Kun
The Sign of Jesus' Return in Glory, A scriptural reflection by Don Schwager
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