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Journey to Neighbor, by Dave Quintana, Belfast, Northern Ireland
My Tears Have Become My Bread, by Joshua Birk, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Lord, you know that I love you, by Archbishop George Bakouni of Tyre, Lebanon
Hope Clinic International: reaching out to the needy with skilled hands, by Sherry Snyder
Henry's Question by Sarah Hughes, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Humble Pie: pride blinds us to the good around us, by James Munk, London, UK
20 Days... One God: living with the poor in a Bataan bario, by Ian Belmonte, Manila, Philippines
House of Light and Hope: reaching  troubled youth in Lebanon, by Dr. Robert Caracache
A Time to Till and a Time to Harvest, university outreach in Lebanon, by Sleiman Manassa 
Digesting the Word: just do it! by Tadgh Lynch, Dublin, Ireland 
Minding the Gap in London: speaking to university students about the gospel, by Tadgh Lynch

On a Mission to Minnesota, by Barbara Stock, Munich, Germany
How Mission Has Changed Me, by Mary Shields, Glasgow, Scotland 
A Time of Grace in Uganda: reflections on a mission trip by Mary Teresa Jackson, Glasgow
Walk on Water: the European Kairos Weekend, by Sean David O'Neill, Glasgow, Scotland
Facing Poverty: reflections on a micro-mission trip to Mexico, by John Hughes, USA 
Dormtroopers: Front lines of evangelism in a campus dormitory, Ben Gilbert, Ann Arbor, USA
Campus Evangelism on the Rebound at University of Michigan, by Joshua Birk, Ann Arbor, USA
Steps of Faith: sowing seeds of good news among university students, by Mark Jordan, UK
Ezekiel's Call and Ours, by Mercy Potter, London, United Kingdom
Answering the Cries: hungry searchers for God in London,by Hannah Gornik, London, UK
Making a Difference in Uganda: university students meet for training, by Dallas Burholder
The Reluctant Evangelist, by Steve Clark, President of The Sword of the Spirit
A Window of Opportunity: witnessing to university students, by Nico Angleys, Ann Arbor, USA
Training for Victory! equipping youth leaders for today's spiritual battle by David Mijares, Mexico 
Discovering Christ at the University of Michigan by Zach Mabee, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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