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May/June 2010 - Vol. 40
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The Sword of the Spirit
The Renewing Work of the Holy Sprit
Wisdom from the Early Church Fathers

The Living Water of the Holy Spirit, by Cyril of Jerusalem
The Holy Spirit Perfects and Renews Us, by Didymus of Alexandria

• The Work of the Holy Spirit, by Basil the Great, and The Coming of the Holy Spirit by Leo the Great
• The Indwelling Spirit, by John Henry Newman
• My Dear Wormwood: Screwtape Addresses Ecumenical Community, by Dave Hughes
• Deeper Still, by Miguel Vargas; Spanish version: Más profundo aún
• Is Christian Youth Culture Possible? by Michael Shaughnessy
• The New Rebellion: (The Rebellion Against Rebellion), by Peter Stine
• Giving Thanks for Forty Years in Covenant Community: Reflections from Founding Members
• New Forms of Christian Life, by Steve Clark; and Our Beginnings, by Bruce Yocum
• Called Together in Covenant Community: A Prophetic Sign of Restoration, by Don Schwager
• Counter-cultural in a Non-Christian World, by Tom and Ellen Gryniewicz
• Transgenerational by Van and Janet Vandagriff; Rooted in God's Word, by Jeanne Kun; Christ-Centered, by Sue Cummins
• The Best in Christ, by Bob Bell; Grateful Hearts, by Nancy Murphy; and The Servants of the Word, by Dick LaCroix
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Living Bulwark is committed to fostering renewal of the whole Christian people: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. We especially want to give witness to the charismatic, ecumenical, evangelistic, and community dimensions of that renewal. Living Bulwark seeks to equip Christians to grow in holiness, to apply Christian teaching to their lives, and to respond with faith and generosity to the working of the Holy Spirit in our day.
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