The Passion, Death, & Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Meditations on the Four Gospel Accounts

Gospel of Matthew

Part 1 for Holy Week: Matthew 21:1-27, Matthew 26:1-25

  1. Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem
  2. Lesson of the barren fig tree
  3. Jesus’ authority questioned
  4. Jesus anointed at Bethany
  5. Judas agrees to betray Jesus

Part 2 for Holy Week: Matthew 26:26-56

  1. The Lord’s last supper meal with his disciples
  2. Jesus predicts Peter’s denial
  3. Jesus’ agony in the garden
  4. Jesus arrested

Part 3 for Holy Week: Matthew 26:57-75, Matthew 27:1-10

  1. Jesus before Caiaphas the high priest 
  2. Peter denies Jesus
  3. Judas hangs himself 

Part 4 for Holy Week: Matthew 27:11-66

  1. Jesus before Pilate
  2. The crucifixion
  3. The death of Jesus
  4. The burial of Jesus 

Part 5 for Holy Week: Matthew 28:1-20

  1. The women at the tomb hear of Jesus’ resurrection
  2. The report of the guard
  3. The Risen Jesus commissions his disciples

Gospel of Mark 

Mark 11:1-10 Jesus enters Jerusalem 
Mark 11:11-26 cursed figs & temple  

Mark 14:1-11 extravagant love  
Mark 14:12-21 passover preparation  
Mark 14:22-25 Jesus’ last supper  
Mark 14:26-42 agony in the garden  
Mark 14:43-52 Jesus’ arrest  
Mark 14:53-72 Jesus’ trial, Peter’s denial 
Mark 15:1-20 Jesus before Pilate  
Mark 15:21-32 Jesus crucified  
Mark 15:33-41 Jesus’ death  
Mark 15:42-47 Jesus’ burial  

Mark 16:1-13 empty tomb & resurrection 
Mark 16:14-20 Jesus’ great commission 

Gospel of Luke 

Luke19:28-40 The triumphal entry 
Luke 19:41-44 Jesus wept 
Luke 19:45-48 Jesus at the Temple  

Luke 22:1-13 Betrayal at Passover 
Luke 22:14-23 Last Supper 
Luke 22:24-30 Disciples’ strife 
Luke 22:31-46 Prayer & temptation 
Luke 22:47-54 Jesus arrested 
Luke 22:54-71 Peter disowns Jesus 
Luke 23:1-25 Jesus’ trial 
Luke 23:26-31 Road to Calvary 
Luke 23:32-43 Crucified as King 
Luke 23:44-49 Jesus’ death 
Luke 23:50-56 Jesus’ burial  

Luke 24:1-12 He has risen! 
Luke 24:13-35 On road to Emmaus 
Luke 24:35-46 Jesus appears 
Luke 24:46-53 The ascension

Gospel of John

John 12:1-11 Jesus anointed at Bethany
John 12:12-19 Jesus enters Jerusalem 

John 12:20-26 the coming of Jesus’ hour 
John 12:27-50 the voice from heaven 

John 13:18-20 Jesus foretells his betrayal
John 13:21-30 betrayal, faltering loyalty
John 13:31-38 Jesus’ farewell command
John 18:1-11 Jesus’ arrest in the Garden
John 18:12-27 Jesus’ trial, Peter’s denial
John 18:28-40 Jesus before Pilate
John 19:1-16 scourged & condemned
John 19:17-22 Jesus bears his cross
John 19:23-27 the women at the cross
John 19:28-30 Jesus dies on the cross
John 19:31-37 Jesus’ pierced side
John 19:38-42 Jesus’ burial
John 20:1-10 the empty tomb
John 20:11-18 Jesus & Mary Magdalen
John 20:19-31 Jesus appears to disciples
John 21:1-14 Jesus at Sea of Tiberias
John 21:15-19 Jesus commissions Peter 

Top image credit: Photo of three wooden crosses with sunset background, from, © by banphote, stock photo ID: 455541355. Used with permission.

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