All Creation Yearns for Harmony with Its Creator 

 “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

Luke 19:28-40

In reflecting on this passage from Luke 19, these words jumped out to me in a way they hadn’t before. The very stones would cry out. This phrase conjures images that would have been familiar to the Pharisees, as the same concept appears in Isaiah 55 as well as numerous Psalms. Zoom out further, and we realise that this image of creation crying out for the Lord goes right back to the story of Genesis, where the groans of separation began. 

So in one go, Jesus calls our minds to the source of our separation, the prophecies of creation being reunited with its maker, and the magnitude of His true identity. He is telling us that He is the answer. 

Jesus reminds us that all things were made for harmony with Him.

The Lord and Creator of all does not need our praise. Instead, He desires that we be reunited with Him –  redeemed, bought out of separation and back to the harmony that He has created us for. The majesty of God is not in short supply, it does not need to be proclaimed to be present, but Jesus invites each of us in our own free will to participate in the glory of His presence. This is the reality of our adoption into the Kingdom. This is the joy of submitting one’s life to the Creator! 

Consider where in your life you might take Him up on this invitation and “rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all of His mighty works.”

This reflection was first published in The Lovely Commission, an online journal sponsored by Kairos that inspires young women to grow and thrive as disciples of Christ. 

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Top image: Photo of large rocks in bright sunlight, from, © by  kwest19, stock photo ID: 15655466.

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