“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:16-21

The Psalmist recounts how the Lord parted the great waters and made a way for the people where there seemed to be no way.

He is able and willing to create new beginnings and to change our endings. 

He is the divine author who holds the power to change the course of our stories and transform us through our circumstances.

I know and believe all of this to be true. But the question in this Psalm brings me to pause. “Do you not perceive it?”

There are times when my perception is clouded by my situation. 

Instead of steadying my sight on my Saviour and setting my mind on the truth of His Word,

I fall back into familiar thought patterns of worry, fear and anxiety.

And I can’t see shoots of the new thing that is springing up before me. 

Lord, when my vision is clouded by what is visible to me, 

Open my heart to know that you are working your way even when I cannot see.

And when I find myself in the wilderness and hope has run dry –

May I keep trusting that you are doing a new thing, little by little, 

And I will understand the whole story in your perfect time. 

This reflection was first published in The Lovely Commission, an online journal sponsored by Kairos that inspires young women to grow and thrive as disciples of Christ. 

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