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June / July 2017 - Vol. 99
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The Sword of the Spirit
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The Fire of the Holy Spirit
  “There appeared to them tongues as of fire... and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit” – Acts 2:3,4

• Intro to This Issue: The Fire and Fruit of the Holy Spirit

• The Holy Spirit as the Water of Life, by Steve Clark
On Fire for God, by Tom Caballes
• The Strategy of the Spirit: Charismatic Renewal and the Church Today, by Larry Christenson
• The Sober Intoxication of the Spirit, by Raniero Cantalamessa   
box 2
• The Fruit of the Holy Spirit, by Derek Prince
• The Fruit of Unity in Our Families and Communities, by Bob Tedesco
• We Must Stand Together, Vinson Synan
• Growing Unity Among Charismatic Covenant Communties, by Paul Dinolfo
box 3
• Comunidade a Boa Nova (the Good News Community), by Joγo Perloiro   
The Word of Life, A Commentary on the Prologue to the First Letter of John, by Daniel Keating  
• God Can Use Anybody, by Charles Simpson
• Brokenness:The Necessary Step for Change and Growth, by John Keating
box 5
• Awake O Sleeper: Pastoral Priorities for Building Strong Committed Families and Communities, by Bob Tedesco
• Building Communities of Fraternal Care, Service, and Mission Together: An Interview with Dave Hughes
• A Reconnaisance Flight - To Survey Why Things that Used to Go So Well Are Now in a Mess, by Carlos Mantica
• Willpower, by Sam Williamson, and Dead Weight, by Tom Caballes 
box 4 • “I Delight in Your Will,” A New Song by Joseph Mathias and Interview by Martin Steinbereithner  
• Youth Presentations to Syriac Orthodox
Joy in Detroit, by Joe Mahony, and Sing a New Song to the Lord! by Aoife-Marie Buckley
• Spiritual Reading Resources for Pentecost, Life in the Spirit, and Gifts of the Spirit
Living Bulwark is committed to fostering renewal of the whole Christian people: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. We especially want to give witness to the charismatic, ecumenical, evangelistic, and community dimensions of that renewal. Living Bulwark seeks to equip Christians to grow in holiness, to apply Christian teaching to their lives, and to respond with faith and generosity to the working of the Holy Spirit in our day.


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