The Strategic Grandparent: Live Interview with Mike Shaughnessy on EWTN

How can you reach your grandchildren and impart faith to them? 

“The Strategic Grandparent” book by Mike Shaughnessy addresses this question – and Mike wants to give you a proven plan for doing just that. Applying the principles of youth work, The Strategic Grandparent gives you a step-by-step plan for connecting with your grandchildren, engaging them, and making a lasting impact in their lives. Grandparents have an important role to play in God’s plan for their grandchildren. 

The Eternal Word Television Network, more commonly known by its initials EWTN, is an American basic cable television network which presents around-the-clock Catholic-themed programming.

EWTN invited Mike Shaughnessy to be a guest at their afternoon live show, At Home with Jim & Joy – Hosted by Jim & Joy Pinto.

Grandly: The Strategic Grandparents Club ( is growing and reading this book is a great way to be a part of this mission. Mike is joining this interview to be able to tell many more grandparents about Grandly and the God given role they have in their grandchildren’s lives. 

Watch the interview to learn more about the book and how you can become a strategic grandparent and pass on your faith to your grandchildren. 

Details of the interview:

Episode 1 – Wednesday, October 28th at 1:30 pm ET
Re-Air Friday, Oct. 30th – 3:30 AM ET, and Saturday, Oct. 31 – 11:00 AM ET

Episode 2 – Thursday, October 29th at 1:30 pm ET 
Re-Air Saturday, Oct. 31st – 3:30 AM ET, and Sunday, Nov. 1st – 11:00 AM ET

Watch here:

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