Faith and Hearing the Word of Christ 

In his letter to the Romans, Paul writes,

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” 

Romans 10:17

This passage describes in reverse a process we can benefit from – first it mentions the outcome of the process, which is faith. Actually, the first step is the word of Christ, spoken or written; then we hear that word, and finally, as a result, faith is elicited in our hearts. The word of Christ is, of course, the message about Christ; but in a deeper sense it can also be “the word that is Christ”, that is, Christ Himself, the eternal Word of God.

Are we listening to Christ?

Whether we listen to the message of Christ for the first time or in our ongoing Christian life, and whether this message comes to us through a friend or through someone preaching in a Christian setting, or when we read Scripture, it is Christ Himself that is speaking to us. Christ is the Word of God, and he has the power to generate faith in our hearts.

But, are we really listening? Have we actually opened our hearts to let the word of Christ resound inside us to produce faith? And, more importantly, are we allowing this faith to shape our daily lives and to transform us into better disciples of Christ?

Top photo credit:  Christ Ruler of All, watercolor artwork by David Kurani
See previous artwork by David Kurani in Living Bulwark archives

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