Celebrating 50 Years of Covenant Community in the Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit is part of a larger movement of covenant communities throughout the world, some of them joined together in networks, some stand together on their own. 

This movement of communities is a sign of the times, when Christians long divided from one another are coming together to seek unity and stand together for the gospel. In the face of a world grown more and more hostile to Christianity, the support of brothers and sisters in Christ is very welcome and urgent.

The immediate occasion for this book is the fiftieth anniversary of the initial making of a covenant in 1970 that bound together brothers and sisters in what has become known as ‘covenant community’.

This anniversary follows close upon the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church which flowed out of an even larger movement of God known as the Pentecostal movement.

The Sword of the Spirit, and the larger covenant community movement of which it is a part, has its origin in and is a response to this lager movement of God.

This fiftieth anniversary is a time for looking back at what God has done in the past and for considering what he is calling us to embrace in the future.

In Christ,
Jean Barbara
President of the Sword of the Spirit

“I Will Pour Out My Spirit: 50 Years of God’s Faithfulness”

A new book published by the Sword of the Spirit

Fifty years ago, God began a new thing – calling into being communities of men and women, families and single people, who would covenant themselves together in lives of Christian love, service and mission. This book attempts to trace the history of that work of God and show our own small part in it. The book is a celebration and remembrance of what he has done.

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