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Bruce Yocum

• “The Lord Is My Shepherd” –  A Reflection and Tribute in Memory of Bruce Yocum
• Being Formed in the Mind of Christ – Part 1 and Part 2 
• A Brief History of the Sword of the Spirit
• Ascension and Pentecost – Participation in the Nature of God
• “Reading the Sign of the Times”: COVID19 – A Sign of the Times? Part 1
• Reading the Signs of the Times: COVID 19 – A Sign from God? Part 2
• Covid-19 – A Sign from God? Part 3
• “I Will Pour Out My Spirit Generously and Continuously”

• Reading the Signs of the Times: Prepare for Trials, but also for Glory
• Reading the Signs of the times - A New Series
Our Beginnings in Covenant Community - A Worldwide Work of God
• 50 Years of Charismatic Community: Reflections on a Remarkable Work of God
• Covenant Communities – A Signpost of the Unity God Wants for All Christians

• The Courage to be Different
• Aliens and Exiles: What can 1st century Christianity teach us about 21st century living?
• Fear of the Lord: Ignoring God and shunning his judgments is the great sin of our age
• True Holiness
• A Disciple's Yoke: we need not fear a clear statement of the requirements of the gospel
• A Large Pearl Collection?
• Man's Mind in God's Perspective
• Man's Mind in God's Perspective - Part II
• God Loves Faithfulness
• The Mercy of God's Judgment
• Where's the Joy?

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