The Lord of All and Treasure Store of All

The Lord of all

is the treasure store of all things: 

upon each according to his capacity

He bestows a glimpse

of the beauty of His hiddenness, 

of the splendor of His majesty.

He is the radiance 

who, in his love, 

makes everyone shine

the small, with flashes of light from Him, 

the perfect, with rays more intense,

but only His Child is sufficient 

for the might of His glory.

Accordingly as each here on earth 

purifies his eye for Him,

so does he become more able to behold 

His incomparable glory;

accordingly as each here on earth 

opens his ear to Him,

so does he become more able to grasp 

His wisdom;

accordingly as each here on earth 

prepares a receptacle for Him,

so is he enabled to carry

a small portion of His riches.

The Lord who is beyond measure

measures out nourishment to all, 

adapting to our eyes the sight of Himself,

to our hearing His voice, 

His blessing to our appetite,

His wisdom to our tongue.

At His gift blessings swarm,

for this is always new in its savor,

wonderfully fragrant, 

adaptable in its strength,

resplendent in its colors.

This hymn by Ephrem is excerpted from a collection of his verses, called Hymns of Paradise. The book was published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, Crestwood, New York, in 1990, and was translated by Sebastian Brock.

Image credit for the Icon of Ephrem of Edessa writing his hymns and Scripture commentaries (also known as Ephraim the Syriac) is by an unknown icon painter. This icon is a copy based on an earlier Illustration of Ephrem the Syrian, from a 16th¬†century Russian manuscript of the Slavonic translation of John Climacus and Ephrem’s Homilies¬†(sources from¬†Catalog of icons on¬†¬†and¬†Wikipedia).

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