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Convinced that the Lord had something prepared, a group of young professionals from all around the Sword of the Spirit decided to plan a 2-hour conference for their peers. We called it “Pronto – Find & Follow” and it gathered more than 2,000 young professionals from over 30 countries, spanning 19 time zones around the world.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and while locked-down in their homes, all these young professionals got together on Saturday the 18th of July 2020 for 2 hours of fellowship, fun, worship and listening to God’s message.

There were participants from the West coast of the Americas (at 7:00am) and going east around the globe all the way to participants in New Zealand at (2:00am of the following day). Many came from the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, The United Kingdom, Tanzania, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Canada, Lebanon, India, Israel, Malaysia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Austria and more.

The conference started with some instructions and then an icebreaker to answer a few trivia questions and have fun together. After the game there was a News Room that combined some funny contributions with some serious ones. Rebecca Sastre, living single for the Lord with Bethany Association, shared her testimony and also there was news of the recent Alpha Conference with 70 participants that was run online by the outreach in Costa Rica.

Anton Colella gave a talk on the theme, Find & Follow in which he inspired this new generation to give their 100% to God the same way Christ gave his 100% to us.

The online event closed with a time of worshipping the Lord together, the music was led bilingually in English and Spanish by a worship team in Lebanon, and the Lord really was speaking to the participants. The prayer team received 140 prophetic words and senses in which God was mainly highlighting that we are united as one people, that this is a time of mission, everyone from their own homes and countries. God called the participants to think big, that the call is urgent and that he waits for our response. And finally, a sense of a seed being planted that will be nourished by him and will grow to bear much fruit.

At the end of the conference there was time for people to greet one another and share their enthusiasm for what God was doing.

It was truly a blessing to be a part of Pronto 2020. I am confident that the Lord was the one who inspired this event, he was the one who guided all those who were leading, he was the one speaking into the hearts of many young professionals and he is the one who will accept our response to follow and bring forth fruit from that response.

Watch this video by David Rentería that summarizes the event:

There was a time where participants wrote what God did in them during the conference. These are some of the answers:

Courage to sacrifice for the Lord
Do not be afraid
We are not alone!
Giving up everything for the Lord.
Assuring me that the Lord is working everywhere in the world despite this pandemic
The beauty of worshipping in different languages
Conviction that the Lord really wants me to reach out to fellow young professionals, and the peace to know I’m not alone with this dream
Renewed my conviction to FOLLOW
The importance of laying down my life to Him more fully in unity with my brothers and sisters in The Sword of the Spirit
Meaning of why he put me here in this moment and in this place
Reminder that he has a plan and to say yes to whatever he is calling me to even in this time where I feel pulled in many directions.
God did not want us to be alone in his purpose for us. Let go of your own purpose for God’s purpose.
Don’t be scared, give your 100%
Unity: one people one call built into one bulwark
Showed me the response He wants from me in this time of waiting: to wait with hope in Him
Re-enkindle the fire of God’s love
Trust in God and his plan for the future!
Felt the international community life
Embrace the present moment and use each moment to proclaim His love
Follow and serve God above everything
Renewal of grace

Watch the full video of the Pronto 2020 Conference here.

This article was first published in The Sword of the Spirit website.

Top image of Pronto Conference 2020, © The Sword of the Spirit   

Juan C. Aragón is a member of the Arbol de Vida Community in San José, Costa Rica. He was also one of the leaders in the organizing team for Pronto 2020.

David Rentería is a member of the Jésed Community in Monterrey, México.

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