My Grace is Sufficient for You

Some say you should never look back at life, as there is nothing you can change now, but instead just focus on what lies ahead, and put your energies into doing the best you can into the days/weeks/months and years ahead. Whether it’s your walk with the Lord, Family, financial security, career path etc., etc.

Looking back with gratitude, forward with faith and hope

Personally, I think looking back is good from the point of view, that, sure you can see the not so good times or the not so good decisions you made, but you can always see the high points and the turning points in your life, and see the results when you embraced decisions and made change for good. 

I see my life before I chose to become a Christian, and the amazing difference after. The distinction is as clear as day and night. I see abundant blessings as the result of selfless and sometimes hard decisions and choices I have made, especially when at times those decisions were made on Trust and Faith in His Word.

Traveling life’s journey together with brothers and sisters

Even as a Christian, life is not all plain sailing, there are bumps in the road, unexpected curve balls and we face stress and challenges each day, but we have the assurance that we don’t travel this road alone. We are truly blessed and anointed to have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and to have our brothers & sisters who walk with us, encourage us, and inspire us. We are on a journey, and life is about the ‘journey’ just as much as reaching our destination.

This I notice more obviously as I age and ponder about doing something for the last time – now that’s a serious thought, isn’t it! – I’ve played my last game of rugby, I’ll never again hit a six, or run an athletic race, but life is like that. I’ll never again have today, nor will you. This day ahead of me is unique. Each thing I do, I will never repeat exactly. This moment I have, will have gone soon, for ever. 

Pressing forward with the Lord and his grace 

So don’t let stress, worries and anxieties rob you of your joy. Do stop and smell the roses, listen to the birdsong, and enjoy this incredible creation the Lord has placed us in. 

This reminds me to put my Hope and Trust in The Lord, press closer into Him, and remember day by day, especially when life gets a bit tough and we face those inevitable challenges and struggles: 

“My grace is sufficient for you.” 

2 Corinthians 12:9

This reflection by Mike Cullimore is excerpted from the March 2024 Chronicle Newsletter of the Lamb of God Community in New Zealand. 

Top image credit: Photo of helping hands climbing together up mountain path at sunrise, from, © by sutthinon, stock photo ID:  214271758. Used with permission.

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