Living Sacrifice 

Worship Song by Joseph Mathias 

Verse 1
Lord to worship in your presence
This alone is my desire
Bind me closer to your altar
Touch my lips with holy fire
Like the burning of sweet incense
Let my praises arise
Take the lifting up of a sinner’s hands
As an evening sacrifice

Verse 2
For no off’ring that I bring you
Can repay what you have done
Long I wandered still you sought me
This was grace and grace alone
And no devil can undo it
And no gift match its cost
So eternally I will sing your praise
In the dwellings of the just

Verse 3
Lord I give you my ambitions
Lord I give you all my will
All the guilt I’ve left behind me
All vain things that tempt me still
I surrender so to serve you
With an undivided heart
And no bitter loss I account it
Having gained the better part

Verse 4
Peerless treasures joys unending
In your house of many rooms
These are mine with hope unfading
For the day your kingdom comes
Then and now Lord and forever
I am yours and yours alone
All my heart and soul all my mind and strength
I lay down before your throne

By Joseph Mathias.

© 2012 The Servants of the Word
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.
Recorded and produced by the Servants of the Word as part of the album Praise the Lord, All Nations.

The song Living Sacrifice by Joseph Mathias is featured at The Sword of the Spirit Worship.

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