Consolation Awaiting All Who Persevere Through Suffering 

Life really has its “ups and downs”. On some days you’re on the top of the world; on other days, you’re down in the dumps. The Book of Job describes the story of someone experiencing this “yo-yo” of life. He goes from a great place to the worst place, and then back to the best place.

“…the holy prophet Job, a man of wonderful patience”: blessed with wealth and children, Job was also deeply pious, rising early in the morning to offer atoning sacrifices for his children (see Job 1:5). But than a tragic spiritual battle occurs…. he suffers the loss of everything. Yet he remains faithful, saying: The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

(1:21). (ref. Magnificat- 3-6-24)

Though Job does not understand the reason for his suffering, he does not sin, even when his wife urges him to despair and his friends accuse him of having provoked God’s anger. He appeals to God, and when God appears, he humbly bows before him. 

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore, I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

 Job 42:5-6 

His final days betoken the consolation that awaits all who persevere through suffering to the end

“And the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning.” 

Job 42:12

So, how about us? There are days when things are so desperate that we want to quit… discouragement and despair, our constant companions. Yet when we cry out to the Lord for help, “Jesus save us,” we find the strength to continue on. Maybe the problems don’t disappear, but we have the strength to continue on. And then one day we come to a new moment… maybe new strength to handle the problems, or the problem itself is resolved. 

I have friends who have endured major trials that brought them to their knees… overwhelming grief, almost too much…. the tragic death of a child, a child overwhelmed with sickness and mental problems, sickness and death of a spouse, … and yet they hung on and they became transformed by this suffering into saintly men and women. They are examples of the beautiful description of Job at the end of his life: “His final days betoken the consolation that awaits all who persevere through suffering to the end.” 

These terrible sufferings produced a consolation that swamped the sorrow they had endured. And with Christ, this consolation is not for a season, like the sorrow, it’s for eternity. 

Even at this moment, right now, I’m praying for many friends and family who are suffering desperately … almost too much. They need the Lord to intervene with grace and strength. Oh Lord as we struggle with our trials and infirmities in this life, give us the grace to cling to you trusting that you will save us. Save us Lord.

And may one day all of them and us receive the consolation that awaits all who persevere through suffering to the end. And that will be very good news. 

Top image credit: Woman in prayer, photo from, stock photo ID: 149007. Used with permission.

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