Chasing the Mountaintops of God’s Grace 

False summits

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul writes of God’s faithfulness, saying, “He will keep you firm to the end.” (1 Corinthians 1:8)

You spy the peak of the mountain, and with a rush of enthusiasm and confidence you speed up. “Almost there!” Then calamity strikes; a higher crest of the mountain, hidden by a trick of perspective, suddenly becomes visible, and you realise you are far from being finished. Energy drains from your tired legs. Is there any point in continuing?

It’s called a false summit, and it can be devastating; many dejected hikers simply turn and start their descent.

Chasing the mountaintops of God’s grace

As men and women of holy ambition, we’re chasing the mountaintops of God’s grace. Yet sometimes hope falters; a friend said they’d attend a Christian event with you, but pulls out on the night. You thought that a recurring temptation was taken care of, only to find yourself falling yet again.

How can we best handle these false summits?

Though the mountaintop is not always in clear sight, the Lord is with you to strengthen you along the way. He isn’t standing at the top waiting for you – he’s walking alongside you, encouraging and guiding you, giving rest when it’s needed and at other times helping you keep up the pace. He is a walking mate who can keep your resolve firm, all the way to the top!

Top image credit: Illustration of a mountain ledge with an eagle flying overhead, from, © by Designwest, stock photo ID: 2863794. Used with permission. Scripture quotation from Isaiah 40:31 added.

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