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Christian Unity and Cooperative Ecumenism

Orthodox, Protestants, Roman Catholics: What Basis for Cooperation? by Steve Clark
Love of the Brethren: An Interdenominational Responsibility? by Steve Clark

Evangelicals & Catholics Together: Christian Mission in the Third Millennium
The Manhattan Declaration:A Call of Christian Conscience, by Chuck Colson,
Pentecost: The Way to Conversion and Unity, by Raniero Cantalamessa

Our Ecumenism: How do we know if we're winning? by Dave Hughes
Observing the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, by Dave Hughes
My Dear Wormwood: Screwtape Addresses Ecumenical Community, by Dave Hughes
Our Ecumenism is Extra Nos, It's Not an Option, by Dave Hughes
Moving Forward Our Ecumenical Call: interview on the Association of Ecumenical Communities 
 I Will Build You a House: We think small - God thinks big, by Dave Hughes

Amazing Grace: Interview with Jean Barbara, President of Sword of the Spirit
What is the Sword of the Spirit? Some questions and answers, by Jerry Munk
The Fruit of Unity, by Bob Tedesco
Why I Joined Ecumenical Community, by Arthur Delargy

The Challenge of Mission in Ireland Today: Sword of the Spirit Dromantine Conference
Bishop McKeown and Bishop Good on Mission, Dromantine Conference in Ireland

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