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The Triumph of the Cross

• God Has Reigned from a Tree: Meditations on the Cross of Jesus Christ
• The Cross of Christ gives life to the human race, by Ephrem of Edessa
• What Happened on the Cross? by John of Damascus

• The Cross of Christ - the Measure of the World, by John Henry Newman
• Dying to Defeat Death: The death of Jesus was a victory over death itself, by Steve Clark
• Exalted Over All: The Victory of the Redeemer, by Steve Clark

• Ecce Homo! - Behold the Man!, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
• The Incarnate, Crucified, and Risen Christ, by Dieterich Bonhoeffer

• The Cross – the One True Glorification of God, by Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)
• The Triumph of the Cross: “The Lord has risen indeed
,” by Jeanne Kun
• Worship at the Cross by Charles Simpson


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