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The Sword of the Spirit

• What is the Sword of the Spirit? Some questions and answers, by Jerry Munk
• A Community of Disciples on Mission, by Bob Tedesco
• Building a Bulwark: Vision for community and mission in the Sword of the Spirit, by Carlos Mantica
• The Seven Stones: Solid Foundations for Building Christian Community, by Carlos Mantica

• Amazing Grace: Interview with Jean Barbara, President of Sword of the Spirit
The Fruit of Unity, by Bob Tedesco

• Syriac-Orthodox bishops bless association in Sword of the Spirit community in Lebanon, by Fady Noun
• Witnesses of Our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, by Archbishop George Bacouni 
• Conversion, Covenant, and Immortal Diamonds!, by Tom Mangan

• My Dear Wormwood: Screwtape Addresses Ecumenical Community, by Dave Hughes
• Our Ecumenism is Extra Nos, It's Not an Option, by Dave Hughes
• Moving Forward Our Ecumenical Call: an interview with Dave Hughes
• Why I Joined Ecumenical Community, by Arthur Delargy

• The Antioch Community, London, UK, by Andy Pettman
• Unity and Diversity, The Lamb of God in New Zealand, by Roger Foley
Word of Life, by Jon Wilson, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
• Charis Community Belfast:
God's grace for unity and reconciliation, by Gary McFadden
• The Work of Christ Community, by Jerry Munk
• Thirty Years Jerusalem: God's call to covenant community, by Sam Geleyn

• Journey to Covenant Community, by Jean-Francois Collet, Brussels, Belgium 
• Αrbol de Vida community celebrates 30th anniversary, by Claire de Mιzerville
• Called to Community: Community of the Risen Christ in Glasgow, Scotland
• People of God community in Pittsburg, by Connie Maletta

• Essays on Community and the Nature of the Church: by Bob Tedesco
• Vision for Christian Community, by Bob Tedesco
• Empowered to Live in Community, by Bob Tedesco
• The Holy Spirit and a New Society, by Jerry Munk
• On Being Transgenerational, by Jerry Munk

• Giving Thanks for 40 Years in Covenant Community: from founding members
• New Forms of Life, by Steve Clark 
• Our Beginnings, by Bruce Yocum
• Called Together in Covenant Community: A prophetic sign, by Don Schwager
• Counter-cultural in a Non-Christian World, by Tom and Ellen Gryniewicz 
• Transgenerational Community, by Van and Janet Vandagriff
• Rooted Together in God's Word, by Jeanne Kun
• Putting God at the Center, by Sue Cummins 
• Calling Out the Best in Us in Christ, by Bob Bell
• Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart, by Nancy Murphy
• The Servants of the Word in Covenant Community, by Dick LaCroix

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