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Scripture as the Living word of God

The Written Word of God: Do you read the Word of God as if your life depended upon it?
Scripture: Taking the Word to Heart, by Steve Clark
The Authority of Scripture, by Steve Clark
 The stages of God's Plan, by Steve Clark
 The Seven Ages of God's Covenant

 The Scriptures Are One Book in Christ: quotes from early church fathers
You Can Understand the Bible, by Peter Kreeft (2005)
How to Read the Bible, by Orthodox Bishop Kallistos Ware (2003)
God Speaks to Us in the Bible, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1936)
The Bible's Intrinsic Unity, by Pope Benedict XVI (2010)
Christ in All the Scriptures, by Dr. John Yocum

Being Shaped by the Formational Power of Scripture, by M. Robert Mulholland Jr
Approaching Scripture with Wrong Questions or Wrong Point of View, by J.I. Packer
Instruction in Daily Scripture Meditation, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1936)
Not Letting Commentators Silence Scripture, by Soren Kierkegaard

A Guide to Discovering the Spiritual Meaning of the Scriptures, by Origen
 Every Page of the Bible is a Hymn to Christ, by Augustine of Hippo
The Spiritual Interpretation of the Bible, by Raniero Cantalamessa
Meditation on Psalm 119, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1939/1940)

Scripture Study Course, by Don Schwager
The Unity of the Scriptures, by Don Schwager
 Formational Reading Versus Informational Reading of Scripture
 Old Testament Types of Christ
Reading the Scriptures with the Early Church Fathers, by Don Schwager
Reading the Parables of Jesus: an orientation to understanding the parables, by Don Schwager

Prayer Shaped by the Word of God: The Lord will prepare a banquet for those who hunger for his word
Jesus, the Word of Life: only one Word can satisfy us, by Don Schwager
The Gospel of John: A Brief Introduction
May I Have a Word With You? An Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews

Keys to Growth and Maturity: Reflection on the Letter to the Hebrews Part II

Discovering the Treasures in Jesus' Parables, by Jeanne Kun
The Christian Meaning of the Psalms, by Jeanne Kun
Rooted in God's Word, by Jeanne Kun
Home: Our Abiding Place, by Jeanne Kun
Topical Bible Study, by Jeanne Kun
Bringing the Gospels to Life: a way of Christian Meditation, by Jeanne Kun
Pointer for Scripture Study:Listening for Jesus' Tone of Voice, by Jeanne Kun
Bible Study on Thanksgiving: How to do a topical Bible study, by Jeanne Kun

When We Read the Scriptures God is Speaking to Us: early church fathers
God's Word-an Inexhaustible Spring of Life, by Ephrem of Edessa (306-373AD)
Blessed Are You, by Ephrem of Edessa (306-373 AD)  

Jesus' Identity as Prophet, King, & Priest in Mark's Gospel, by Mark Whitters
Meeting Failure & Rejection with Faith & Perservance, Part1 by Mark Whitters
Confronting Apathy: Lessons from life of Moses - Part 2, by Mark Whitters
God Chooses Israel: Lessons from Exodus - Part 3, by Mark Whitters

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