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Prayer and Worship

• Welcome to Heaven! Our worship transforms time and space, making them sacred, by Mike Shaughnessy
• Worship Is Our Service to God: Part II - A Practical Orientation to Prayer, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Inspired Psalms and Songs: Part III - A Practical Orientation to Prayer, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Praise and Thanks: A Scriptural Orientation to Worship - Part IV, by Mike Shaughnessy

• The Disciples’ Prayer – Thy Kingdom Come: from the early church fathers
• Prayer is the Language of Hope, by Christoph Schonborn
• The Prayer of the Ever-living Christ, by Edith Stein
• Covenant Prayer for the New Year, by John Wesley 

• Prayer Shaped by the Word of God: hungering for God's word, by Don Schwager
• Christian Prayers Ancient and New: A Selection of Prayers from Eastern and Western Traditions
Do We Really Have to Pray Every Day? by Vic Gutierrez

• Our Neglect of Prayer: No progress in religion without prayer, by W.E. Sangster 

• Psalm 1: Properly to Pray the Psalms Is to Pray Them in Jesus' Name, by Patrick Henry Reardon
• Worship in spirit and truth:A scriptural reflection by Don Schwager
• "Come, Holy Spirit," prayers and invocations
• Prayer to Holy Spirit, verse by Edith Stein
“Entering In” to Prayer, by Joanie Nath

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