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Marriage and Family Life

 Christ-Centered Marriage and Family Life, by Bob Tedesco
Christ-Centered Living, by Bob Tedesco
Models of Life: Our marriages and family life need to be brought under Christ's Lordship, by Bob Tedesco
What Women Need: Bad Ideas/ What to Do About Them, by Frederica Mathewes-Green
Make Your Spouse Beautiful: commentary on Ephesians 5:21-33, by John Chrysostom
That Your Prayers Be Not Hindered: Consideration in Marriage, by Jerry Munk
 Order in Marriage: Does the Bible really mean what it says?, by Jerry Munk

Salt of the Empire: The Role of the Christian Family in Evangelization, by Mike Aquilina
Raising Our Children for the Lord, by Bob Tedesco
Child-Centered Parenting and Family Life, by Paul Dinolfo
Preparing Children for a Spirit-Filled Life, by Jerry Munk
A Holy Nation: Raising our children for the Lord, by Bob Tedesco

 Gather My People: Restoring Extended Families and Communities, by Bob Tedesco
A Transgenerational Call: Building Christian communities for generations to come, by Bob Tedesco
The Call and Fruit of Perseverance, by Bernhard Stock
On Being Transgenerational, by Jerry Munk

Fully Engaged Young Adults - Some Practical Advice for Parents and Others, by Bob Tedesco
Boys Adrift - A Book Review, by Jerry Munk
The Hope That Does Not Disappoint: advice for raising children, by David Touhill
Don't Be Afraid Eat Together! by Gordy DeMarais
Family Night by Howard Distzelweig
The Importance of Taking Time to Build Special Memories, by Roger Foley
Every Child Is a Thought of God, by Eberhard Arnold

Who Will Raise Tomorrow's Heroes?, by Michael Shaughnessy
The Youth Bridge Critical Transition Stages, by Michael Shaughnessy
Parents, Keep Your Kids in the Real World
, by Michael Shaughnessy
What Makes Youth Happy? by Michael Shaughnessy

Father Knows Best, by Michael Shaughnessy
Authority Under Fire, by Michael Shaughnessy
What's Wrong With Boys?, by Michael Shaughnessy
Signs of Hope among Our Young People, by Michael Shaughnessy
Youth and media: parents, are you paying attention?, by Michael Shaughnessy
Is Christian Youth Culture Possible? by Michael Shaughnessy
Air Pressure, by Michael Shaughnessy
Deliver Us from Evil: Practical tips on praying with youth, by Michael Shaughnessy 

Yes, We Believe!: Standing for the truth in an age of unbelief and apostasy , by Michael Shaughnessy
Deliver Us from Evil: some practical tips for praying with youth, by Michael Shaughnessy
Back to the Future, by Michael Shaughnessy
The Double Life Syndrome: recognizing the challenge youth face, by Michael Shaughnessy
Distract - Seduce - Addict: Modern marketing promotes addictive behavior in youth, by M. Shaughnessy

From Father to Son: Things My Dad Taught Me About Life, by Ted Kennedy
Trust Your Strengths/Know Your Limits, One Dad/One Father, by Ted Kennedy
The Debtor Who Wouldn't Go Away, by Ted Kennedy
Waiting to Honor, by Ted Kennedy
Forgiveness and Reconciliation With One Another, by Carlos Mantica
On Falling In Love and Other Such Ailments, by Carlos Mantica

Keeping Faith Alive for Community Kids by John Yocum
Choice and Pressure: Helping young men choose for radical discipleship, by John Hughes
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