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Kairos Outreach to Young People

• Minding the Gap: Speaking to Students about Christ, by Tadhg Lynch
• Tear the Roof Off for Them! by John Hughes
• Ambassador for Christ, by Brandt Haglund

• Growing in Faith and Brotherhood, by Ryan Corr
• Training for Kairos Mission
, by Paul Jordan, John Mamonluk, Christine Doyle, B.McGlinchey, C.Holmes

• Bible Week: Learning and Growing Together, by Mark McMorrow, Mary McCarthy, and Karl Ghosn

• New Kairos Gap Base in Glasgow, by PM Graham
• Obeying God’s Call to Mission, by James DeSpelder
• My Mission Year Experience in Belgium, by Sara Fonseca
• Receiving a Fresh Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, by James Mead

• The Adventure in Detroit that Changed my Life, by Peter Mayoros
• Power for Mission, by Joelle Mok and Gregory Potter
• Edults and the Legacy Conference, by Michael Shaughnessy

• Evangelism and Service in Uganda, by Phil Morrison
• Uganda Prison Trip, by Paul Mahony
• Called to Mission in Detroit, by Chad and Doris Shellebbarger
• Faith Alive: Evan Kresta, Mary Sarah Erickson, and Shane Dunne
• Growing in Faith and Brotherhood, by Ryan Corr

• The Youth Bridge – Critical Transition Stages, by Michael Shaughnessy
Stories of Hope: Forgiveness by Ana Aragon

• God's City by Mark Petritsch, Healing by Anna Bode
• Home by Mikayla Pardon
• Youth On Fire - A New Pentecost! by Georges Farhat
• Dislocation, by Andy Jordan
Finding the Key to Happiness, by Rachel Nevinger

• Say “Yes” to God – God's gracious invitation to young people, by Phil Morrison and Stephen Bick
• Yes Retreat Highlights: Making Friends for Life,by Hannah Sewell & Surprised by God, by Michael Potter
• Seeds of Hope for a New Generation in Detroit, by Joshua Rock, and sharings from young people
• Discovering Our True Destiny, reflection by Stephen Bick
• The King Provides, by Stephen Bick

• The Gospel Is True: Kairos EME Updates, by Paul Jordan
• Servanthood, by John Benedetto
• Reflections from Kairos EME Conference, by Kinga Miklar/Kasia Solecka

The God of the Locks, and Transplant Shock, by Michael Shaughnessy

• Youth-Works Detroit and Youth Initiatives Belfast
• My Amazing Experience with Detroit Summer Outreach, by Chelsea Duff
A Life-changing Journey to Uganda, by Phil Morrison and team members

• Pharos Student Community in Leuven, by Daniel Spokoinyi and Corneel 
• God's Co-incidences, by Georgie Burrows and Maarten Baumers
• Why the Gap? by Miguel Vargas

• A Broken Man and a Broken City, by Martin Jordan
• Learning to Love, by Thomas Ryan
• Personal Encounters, by Finja Schmidt
• Breaking Barriers and Buiding Bonds Across Borders, by Stephen Bick
• Serving the Dying of Kolkota and Filled With God's Blessing, by Marc Barbara

• Youth Culture: YOLO! And FOMO! Don’t miss out! by Mike Shaughnessy
• The Lord Is Still Working: Reflections of a Student Missionary, by Sarah Hughes
• Kairos Media: Launching a new web portal for Christians, by Toufic Elramy
• Deeper Still, by Miguel Vargas 
•There and Back Again: Kairos New Zealand, by Tadhg Lynch
• Wanted: A Few Good Men, by Jim Orbe and others

• Is Christian Youth Culture Possible? by Michael Shuaughnessy
• The New Rebellion (The Rebellion Against Rebellion), by Peter Stine 
• Lessons from Martyrs: On Running and Otherwise, by James Munk
• Air Pressure, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Empty Until Filled With Him, by Mary Schaefer
• Finding God's Glory in Broken Places, by Camille Chippewa

• Empowering a Generation in Mission, an interview with Sam Geleyn
• A Kairos Generation Ready to Serve, an interview with Leah Moran
• Dreaming Bold Dreams, by Laura McAllister
• Kicked Through the Door, by Aaron Galer
• Only Through God's Grace, by Will Cannon

• Truth: Kairos Weekend in Europe 2010, a report by John Robinson
• Caught in Conversation, an interview with participants of Truth - Kairos Weekend
• The Freedom of Truth, by Rachel Moran
• The Challenge to Change, by Ralph Miller
• My Best Summer Ever, by Ceri Jane Talan 

• The Battle Is the Lord's, by Paul Jordan
• Journey of Self-discovery in Christ, by Glenna Schleusner
• Emerging Adults, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Youth Work and Mission Challenges, and The Juvenilization of Culture
• St. Juvenile Church, by Michael Shaughnessy

• Surprised by Zeal, by PM Graham
• Joyful Weekend Retreat for Koinonia, by Camille Chippewa
• How I Found Christian Community, by Lucy Trewinnard
• A Showering of God's Favor, by Mark Jordan
• "Send Me, Lord", by Elyssa Fawaz
• Digging Deeper and Growing Stronger, by Marie-Sophie Vanderstuyft
• Learning to Plant: A Reflection on My GAP Year of Service, by Rebecca DePoe

• Discerning Vocation: Answering God's Call to Love, by Gordy DeMarais
• What Makes Youth Happy? by Mike Shaughnessy
• Coming to a Decision, by Sarah Hughes
• Back to the Future, by Mike Shaughnessy
• Why Do We Fight? by Miguel Vargas

• Yes, We Believe!: Standing for the truth in an age of unbelief and apostasy, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Deliver Us from Evil: some practical tips for praying with youth, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Distract - Seduce - Addict: Modern marketing promotes addictive behavior in youth, by Mike Shaughnessy
• Camp Nazareth Finds Gold in the Hills, by Steve Johnson, Dublin, Ireland 
• The Double Life Syndrome: recognizing the challenge youth face, by Mike Shaughnessy

• The Sins of the Fathers - Part I: The Economist, by Tadhg Lynch
• The Sins of the Fathers - Part II: Touching the Void, by Tadhg Lynch
• This is the Generation - God doesn't have grandchildren, by Tadhg Lynch
• To Faithful Warriors Commeth Rest:calling next generation to take their place in mission,by Miguel Vargas

• An Unexpected Promised Land, by Ruth Gryniewicz Mack
• Standing Out: Being a Christian Among My Peers, by Theresa Smith
• When You're Hot You're Hot: Striving for excellence in youth work, by Mike Shaughnessy
• Entering the Heart of the Storm, by Paul Jordan
• Wave of the Spirit Among Young People in India: reflection by Brian Shell
• Appalachian Rendezvous: The Fellowship, by John Karagoulis
• Kairos 2008- Paracletos:Deeper conversion in the Spirit, by Claire Robinson

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