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June/July 2019 - Vol. 104

Extending God's Kingdom
“You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you – and you shall be my witnesses to the ends of the earth”
– Acts 1:8

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                                                          June 2019
• In This Issue: Extending God's Kingdom
“Reading the Signs of the Times: Prepare for Trials, but also for Glory, by Bruce Yocum
• The De-Christianizing of Western Society, by Steve Clark
An Enculturated People: An Obstacle to Building Christian Community? by Bob Tedesco
Ecumenism of Discipleship, by James Kushiner & A Crown of Thorns for Unity, Michael Harper 
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                                                          June 2019
• Thy Kingdom Come: An Ecumenical Global Prayer Movement – Ascension Day to Pentecost
Extending God's Kingdom as a Community of Disciples on Mission
, by Carlos Mantica 
• Salt of the Empire: Families and Communities Evangelizing the World, by Mike Aquilina
• The Palm of Martyrdom & The Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence, by Gregory the Great
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                                                          June 2019 
• “Sit at My Right Hand” Royal and Messianic Psalms, by Jeanne Kun
• Moms On Mission, by Amy Hughes
• Promoting Christian Unity in the Sword of the Spirit, A North American Report by Joe Donovan
• Bethany Association 10th Anniversary, An Update Report
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                                                          June 2019
•  From Seed to Tree, and Spreading the Joy, by Amin Kurani
•  Living with Thorns of the Flesh, and Saying No to the Blame Game, by Tom Caballes
•  When You Lie..., and Do We Know What We Worship? by Sam Williamson
•  Come, Holy Spirit: Prayers, Poems, Meditations, and Homilies

Living Bulwark is committed to fostering renewal of the whole Christian people: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. We especially want to give witness to the charismatic, ecumenical, evangelistic, and community dimensions of that renewal. Living Bulwark seeks to equip Christians to grow in holiness, to apply Christian teaching to their lives, and to respond with faith and generosity to the working of the Holy Spirit in our day.


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