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Jeanne Kun

• Discipleship: “Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me”
• Jesus' Crucifixion: “It is finished” 
• The Triumph of the Cross: “The Lord has risen indeed”
• Contemplating Christ's Passion
• Freedom from Sin and Death: “A New Creation” 
• The Healing of the Ten Suffering from Leprosy: “Jesus, Master, Have Mercy!” 
• The Rich Fool: “You Can’t Take It with You” 
• The Outrageous Generosity of God: Parable of the laborers in the vineyard
• The House of David: A Scriptural Reflection 

• Discovering the Treasures in Jesus' Parables
• The Treasure and the Pearl - Joyfully discovering the kingdom
• Bible Study on Thanksgiving: Some pointers on how to do a topical Bible study
• Practical Pointer for Scripture Study: Listening for Jesus'Tone of Voice
• Savoring God's Word: being nourished by God's word
• Rooted in God's Word:One of the most effective ways we can be rooted in Christ
• Home: Our Abiding Place
• Topical Bible Study
• Bringing the Gospels to Life: a way of Christian Meditation

• The Blood of Christians Is Seed
• United in Love, the Trappist martyrs of Algeria
• Witnesses in the Jungle: Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and Fellow Missionaries
• Apostle of the Lepers: The life of Father Damien de Veuster of Molokai
• Blessed by the Cross: The Heroic Life of Edith Stein

• "You shall call his name Jesus
• Jesus: a portrait of humility
• The Good News of the Kingdom
• Jesus: A Portrait of Redeeming Love
• The Stilling of the Storm at Sea: Lord of the Wind and Waves
• Hosanna to the Son of David! and Jesus: A Portrait of Zeal
• The Agony in the Garden: Love's Surrender
• Jesus: A Portrait of Obedience
• Thomas meets the Risen Christ
• Exiled from Eden
• Mary of Bethany
• Mary Magdalene:A portrait of love stronger than death
• Mary Magdalene: Witness to the Risen Lord
• Simon Peter: transforming weakness into strength
• Zacchaeus and His Unexpected Dinner Guest: what if Jesus came to dinner at your house?
• Restored to Life: The Raising of the Widow's Son
• The Woman With the Hemorrhage

• Reform Your Lives: the message of John the Baptist, Forerunner of the Redeemer
• Prepare the Way of the Lord: a meditative poem on Isaiah 40:3-4
• Pilgrims, Travelers, and Citizens of Heaven
• The Hope of Heaven
• Awaiting the Messiah

• Rooted Together in God's Word
• Women Sent on Mission: Highlights of the International Women's Conference, May 3-7, 2009 

• A Spiritual Journey of Poems for Lent: scriptural reflections
• Awakened to Eternity: a spiritual journey of poems for Passiontide and Easter
• Graven on the Palms of Your Hands
• Anna's Heir: a poem of longing for the Lord's Return
• Zacchaeus' Tall Tale: a poem 
• Eternity's Bright Vision: poem and reflection on Jesus' transgifuration

• The Exodus Trilogy: a theophany of God's saving presence with his people in the wilderness
• The Art of Seeing: enhancing your spiritual vision – enriching your Christian faith


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