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Life in the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

The "Breath" of God and Gifts and Graces of the Spirit, by Steve Clark
The Grace of Pentecost: What does Pentecost mean for us today?
The Day God Went Crazy: The Grace and Work of the Spirit, by Carlos Mantica

Spiritual Gifts, by Steve Clark
The Gift of Prophecy The Prophet's Role, by Bruce Yocum
Yielding to the Gifts of the Spirit, by Don Schwager
 Clues for Evangelism: Exercising "words of knowledge," by Joe Difato

Anticipating God's Purposes, by Bob Tedesco
Empowered to Live in Community, by Bob Tedesco
The Holy Spirit and a New Society, by Jerry Munk

Pentecost: The Way to Conversion and Unity, by Raniero Cantalamessa

The Fire of the Holy Spirit: Spirit-filled sermons ancient and new
"Come, Holy Spirit," prayers and invocations


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