February / March 2019 - Vol. 102

Jesus rescues
                  Peter from sinking in the sea
  "It is I - Be not afraid"

Poem by John Henry Newman and audio Song It Is I, by Tony O'Neill


"It is I - Be not afraid."

poem by John Henry Newman

WHEN I sink down in gloom or fear,
    Hope blighted or delay'd,
Thy whisper, Lord, my heart shall cheer,
    "'Tis I; be not afraid!"
Or, startled at some sudden blow,
    If fretful thoughts I feel,
"Fear not, it is but I!" shall flow,
    As balm my wound to heal.

Nor will I quit Thy way, though foes
    Some onward pass defend;
From each rough voice the watchword goes,
    "Be not afraid! ... a friend!" 
And oh! when judgment's trumpet clear
    Awakes me from the grave,
Still in its echo may I hear,
    "'Tis Christ; He comes to save."

At Sea.
June 23, 1833.

Servants of the Word musicians

The song It Is I by Tony O'Neill (pictured 2nd from left with Servants of the Word musicians) is featured in Sing A New Song to the Lord music CD, available from Tabor House.

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Music and lead vocal - Tony O'Neill

song (c) 2003 Servants of the Word

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