February / March 2019 - Vol. 102

                    North American Kairos Mission Trip to Mexico
My Experience on a Kairos Mission Trip to Agua Prieta

By Mark Nitkiewicz


While serving on the 2018 Kairos Mission Trip to Agua Prieta in Mexico God worked through me in a profound way. Back home I was used to running through a tight schedule getting things done and not building relationships along the way. I felt constantly controlled by a wristwatch.

When I arrived in Agua Prieta my internal clock was thrown off and I often didnít know what time it was, which drove me crazy. However, something that seemed difficult turned out to be a huge blessing. 

Throughout the next few days, I learned to trust others and experienced the ability to relax without people constantly calling me for work or school and having to schedule events every day. During this time away from my busy life back home I was able to see how God had blessed me with peace and faith in Him.

God wasnít done working in me though, during the rest of the trip I formed valuable friendships with many people, something I had taken for granted back home. Serving with the other guys on my trip and learning new skills at the worksite in place of my fast-paced work back home was an awesome experience and some of the best fun Iíve ever had.

Overall God blessed my trip with peace, faith, love, charity, and many great skills and friendships. 

[This article was first published in the North American Kairos Mission Trip Update Reports.

Mark Nitkiewicz is a high school student from Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
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