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Evangelism and Mission

Person to Person: How to be Effective in Evangelism - A Nine Part Series, by Jim Berluchi
Effective Evangelism: Part 1: True “No Limit” Message
, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 2: Everyday Evangelism, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 3: Be Open - Be Natural, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 4: Building Bridges, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 5: Authentic Evangelism, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 6: Portrait of the Christian Ambassador, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 7: Prayer Makes a Difference, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 8: Speaking About Jesus Christ, by Jim Berlucchi
• Part 9: Earning the Right to Be Heard, by Jim Berlucchi

• The Reluctant Evangelist [also in Spanish] by Steve Clark
• Minding the Gap: Speaking to Students about Christ, by Tadhg Lynch
• Tear the Roof Off for Them! by John Hughes
• Ambassador for Christ, by Brandt Haglund

• Coffee Ala Koinonia: loving and welcoming others, by Georges Farhat 

• Dormtroopers:On the front lines of evangelism in a dormitory, Ben Gilbert
• Shadows and Dust:Reflections on a GAP year in London, by Dallas Burkholder
• Discovering Christ at the University of Michigan by Zach Mabee
• Call to Spread the Gospel Among Students, by Lauren McGowan
• A Window of Opportunity: witnessing to university students by Nico Angleys
• Ezekiel's Call and Ours by Mercy Potter 

• Journey to Neighbor:Following Christ into the darkest places, by David Quintana
• Henry's Question: by Sarah Hughes 
• Bad News Bearers: Evangelizing the decent and lost, by Daniel Propson

• The Challenge of Mission in Ireland Today: report on the Sword of the Spirit Dromantine Conference
• Quotes from Bishop McKeown and Bishop Good on Mission, speakers at the Dromantine Conference
• My Confession,by Saint Patrick of Ireland

• Uganda: Friends in Christ, by Dave O'Connor
• How Mission Has Changed Me by Mary Shields,
• A Time of Grace in Uganda: mission trip reflections by Mary Teresa Jackson
• On Mission to Minnesota: “Walk on water,” by Barbara Stock 


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