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Don Schwager

• Whole Likeness Are We? Being Formed in the Character of Christ, by Don Schwager
Who Is My Brother and Sister: Relationships Transformed in Christ

• Scripture Study Course
• The Unity of the Scriptures
• Formational Reading Versus Informational Reading of Scripture
• Old Testament Types of Christ

• Magnanimity: Giving the best we have and holding nothing back 
• Perseverance and the Strength to Finish Well
• A Servant's Heart – Loving and Serving Others for their Sake
• Training in Excellence: How godly character strengthens individuals, families, and communities
• iPhone/iPad App & Android App for Daily Scripture Meditations, by Don Schwager / Servants of the Word

• Courage – the readiness to fall in battle
• Attaining True Greatness - Humility versus Pride
• Character Conformed to the Image of God
• Countering the Deadly Vices with Godly Virtues: Part I – Faith and Virtue

• In the Image and Likeness of God: a scriptural reflection on moral vision and Christian character
• You Gotta Serve Somebody: Who Is the Freest of All?
• What Is the Greatest Title of All? Whoever would be great among you..., a scriptural reflection
• Servants of Jesus Christ, a new book

• “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening”
• Prayer Shaped by the Word of God: The Lord will prepare a banquet for those who hunger for his word
Reading Scripture with the Early Church Fathers

• The Gospel of John: A Brief Introduction
• Jesus Changes Water into Wine: How Christ Transforms Us
Woman at the Well: A life-changing Encounter with Jesus the Messiah, by Don Schwager

• Reading the Parables of Jesus: an orientation to understanding the parables
• The Lavish Love of the Prodigal Father: reflection on the parable of the prodigal son
• Jesus, the Word of Life: Only One Word Can Satisfy a Deaf and Hungry World

• May I Have a Word With You? An Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews
• Keys to Growth and Maturity: Reflection on the Letter to the Hebrews – Part II
• Introduction to Christian Prayers Ancient and New: a selection from Eastern and Western traditions
• Introduction to the Fatherhood of God: a selection of quotes from the early church fathers

• Defenders of the Bulwark
• Courage Forged Under Fire: The heroic witness and martyrdom of Sophie Scholl
• My Confession by Saint Patrick of Ireland, adapted and abridged for modern readers
• Called Together in Covenant Community: A Prophetic Sign of Restoration

• An Open Door for Mission: Highlights from the Int'l Coordinators Meeting in Santo Domingo – May 2008
• Called Together: reflections on the beginning of covenant community in the early 1970s
• The Beginnings of the Servants of the Word
• When Is Too Much Too Much? How is the media affecting you?

• God in Bethlehem's Cave: a meditation 
With Jesus in the Wilderness for Forty Days

• The Harrowing of Hell: Jesus' Descent into Hades, by Don Schwager
• The Sign of Christ's Return in Glory
• Beholding His Glory: with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration

• The First Fruits of Pentecost, a scriptural reflection and prayer on the Jewish celebration of Pentecost
• Worship in spirit and truth: a scriptural reflection
• Yielding to the Gifts of the Spirit, by Don Schwager
• The Pillar of Fire, art work by Jeanne Kun and reflection by Don Schwager
• Growing in Fraternal Love as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, by Don Schwager
Some Scriptural Reflections for Meditation on the Ten Plagues

• Christ, Ruler of All: portraying the Lord Jesus in early Christian art
• Rembrandt - Master Painter and Storyteller reflection on his painting, The Return of the Prodigal Son
• The Rabbi Who Ascends to Heaven Every Friday Morning, a short story adapted
• Painting with Light: an artist photographer captures the beauty of God's natural creation

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