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Christian Character and the Virtues

• The Meaning of Christian Love
•  Practical Ways to Love God
• Christian Love & Human Desire, by Mark Kinzer
• The Greatest Good that Surpasses All Else: Love of God and Neighbor
• Freedom in Truth - Unity in Love

• The Courage to Go Forward and the Strength to Persevere, by Charles Simpson 
• Lessons in Faith and Courage from the Book of Daniel, by John Keating 
• Christians Courageous, By Charles Simpson 
• The Courage to be Different, by Bruce Yocum 
• Going Against the Tide, by John Keating
• The Call and Fruit of Perseverance, by Bernhard Stock
On the Virtue of Disinterestedness, by Romano Guardini

• Sloth – the deadly vice of our present age, by Peter Kreeft
• The Life of a Disciple: a commentary on the beatitudes, by Steve Clark
• The Readiness to Change, by Dietrich von Hildebrand
• The Heroes of Middle Earth:Tolkien-Marks of Christian Heroism, by Leon Podles
• Have You Been Tested Lately? by Jerry Munk
• The Battle Is the Lord's: Are you ready to fight for him? by Paul Jordan

Growth in Christian Character and the Virtues, by Don Schwager
• Whole Likeness Are We? Being Formed in the Character of Christ, by Don Schwager
Greatness of Heart: The Virtue of Magnanimity and Giving the Best We Have, by Don Schwager
• Perseverance and the Strength to Finish Well
• A Servant's Heart – Loving and Serving Others for their Sake
• Training in Excellence: How godly character strengthens individuals, families, and communities
Courage – the readiness to fall in battle, by Don Schwager

• Attaining True Greatness - Humility versus Pride, by Don Schwager
• Character Conformed to the Image of God
• Countering the Deadly Vices with Godly Virtues: Part I – Faith and Virtue
In the Image and Likeness of God: a scriptural reflection on moral vision and Christian character

• You Gotta Serve Somebody: Who Is the Freest of All?
• What Is the Greatest Title of All? Whoever would be great among you..., a scriptural reflection
• Servants of Jesus Christ, a new book
• Keys to Growth and Maturity: Reflection on the Letter to the Hebrews – Part II
• Courage Forged Under Fire: The heroic witness and martyrdom of Sophie Scholl
• What Is the Greatest Title of All? reflection by Don Schwager
• You Gotta Serve Somebody: Who Is the Freest of All? by Don Schwager
• Faith and Virtue–Countering the Deadly Vices, by Don Schwager
• In the Image and Likeness of God: reflection on character, by Don Schwager 
• A Servant’s Heart – Loving and Serving Others for Their Sake, by Don Schwager


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