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Carlos Mantica

• Worshiping God with Reverence and Awe
How Come They Never Told Me
• From Evidence to Faith

• The True God Whom We Serve
• Good Teacher: What kind of teacher was and is Jesus of Nazareth?
• Making the Most of the Present Time
• The Power to Become the Children of God, by Carlos Mantica
• The True God Whom We Serve

• The Lord of Life and Death
• The Day God Went Crazy: The Grace of the Holy Spirit
• The Magnificent Stranger
• A Reconnaisance Flight - To Survey Why Things that Used to Go So Well Are Now in a Mess

• Chosen by God,
• Men of Little Faith
• Forgiveness and Reconciliation With One Another
• Termite Sins that Undermine Love and Unity and Ruin Families and Communities

• The World and Its Myths
• The Myth of Tolerance
• Whose Side Are You On – Witnesses of the Passion
• He Is Risen: The Lord of Life and Death

• Advancing the Kingdom of God
• Jesus' Teaching on the Kingdom
• Extending the Kingdom: The Parable of the Apartment Building
Three Tools for Mission: Word, Witness, and Community

• Worshiping God with Reverence and Awe

• On Falling In Love and Other Such Ailments
• The Seven Stones: Solid Foundations for Building Christian Community
• Building a Bulwark that Serves God’s Purposes

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