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August / September 2019 - Vol. 105

Covenant Relationships and Life Together
“I have given you as a covenant to the people, a light to the nations” – Isaiah 42:6 

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• In This Issue: Covenant Life Together - A Prophetic Sign of Restoration
Restoring Covenant Life & Relationships: The Lord’s Response, by Bob Tedesco
• Covenant Community & Church - A Work of the Spirit, by Steve Clark
• Our Beginnings in Covenant Community - A Worldwide Work of God, by Bruce Yocum

Walking Toward the Covenant, by Jean Vanier, and The Covenant of Grace, by Peter Toon  
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• Something Old, Something New: Grandparents on Mission, by Pili Galvan-Abouchaar
Becoming a Man: Grandfathers Helping Boys Become Responsible Men, by James Munk  
• On Being Inter-generational, by Jerry Munk, & Why Early Christians Celebrated the Lord's Day
• Feast or Famine, and How Should We Celebrate? by Bernard Stock
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• Back to the Future: What Will Determine the Shape of the Future, by Mike Shaughnessy
• Grace To Be, by Stephanie Smith, and Do You Not Care, Jesus? by Lynne May
• God's Grace Abounds, and The Sum of All Fears, by Tom Caballes
• Trusting Doubt, and Don’t Believe Your Own Headlines, by Sam Williamson
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•  Reaching Out in Faith - The Woman with a Flow of Blood, by Jeanne Kun
•  Prayer Before a Difficult Task: From Prayer Poems for Every Occasion, by Sean O'Neill
•  A New Spirit, A new worship song by Joseph Mathias and Will Cannon
•  Homage to God's Beautiful Creation, Watercolors by David Kurani 

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