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Bethany Association: An Update on Women Living Single for the Lord in Sword of the Spirit.

A Little Bethany History
Ten years since we first gathered from around the Sword of the Spirit in Lansing, USA. Tentative steps were all we felt able to take together in 2005, we were not yet sure of ourselves as a unit, back then we were only a collection of community women from around the world, each having In common a call from God to be his alone, alongside a call to be local community members.

We had no idea the adventure God had in mind for us...

Now, what I feel most is mutual love and confidence in our sure and shared hope that our individual and corporate Bethany offering to God is, in some mysterious way, pleasing to him. In 2015 at this Conference, when we prayed and shared together, there was a unique warmth and deep understanding as we listened to one another, in the prayer and fellowship of Bethany.
- Mags T.(Antioch Community, London)

Mags with women
                                at retreat in Dorset

Women in Love with Jesus

What a joy being asked by the Bethany Association if I would contribute to their newsletter. It has been my privilege these past few years to be chairman of the Bethany committee in Europe. The road these ladies tread is narrow and long, a rocky path so easy to trip and stumble, but they are never alone, for together they travel for the One they love. Yes I see others joining them on this special trail, infected by the hunger of these women in love with their Lord.

What a huge gift to us all in the Sword of the Spirit. We have the men’s brotherhood, the Servants of the Word, and we have experienced the overflow of fruit from their calling. We now likewise have an expression for those ladies who would consider a life set apart, single for the Lord.

So I would like to thank God for this grace he is lavishing on our communities, and I would like to thank these ladies for answering this call, and deciding to “give him their all.”
- Trevor Perry (Former Senior Co-ordinator, Antioch Community, London)

prayer and worship

Such a Time as This
"For such a time as this..." Esther 4:14. This quote has become a theme for us in the Sword of the Spirit, especially among our youth. But I think of this passage in a special way when I think of my sisters in Bethany who have chosen to live single for the Lord in the midst of our communities throughout the world.

In the story of Esther we read that she has been placed in the King’s court, alone and away from her family. She has been called upon to stand for her people and intercede with the king in order to save the Jews from destruction.

For such a time as this, we in Bethany Association have been called to live and serve the mission of the Sword of the Spirit within the context of our local community and to intercede with the Lord for those who need his salvation. Sometimes it feels hidden and alone but knowing my sisters are serving in the same way throughout our communities brings strength and courage.

May all of us do our part to respond to his call on our lives to share the good news of Jesus Christ in such a time as this!
- Sherry Snyder (President of International Bethany Council)
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