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Art and Verse

• The Exodus Trilogy: A theophany of God's saving presence, by Jeanne Kun 
• The Art of Seeing: Enhancing spiritual vision and faith, by Jeanne Kun
• Christ Ruler of All: Portraying the Lord in early Christian Art, by Don Schwager
• Rembrandt - Master Painter and Storyteller, The Return of the Prodigal Son
• The Pillar of Fire, art work by Jeanne Kun and reflection by Don Schwager

• The Seven Last Words of Jesus: paintings and reflections by John Dunne
• Road to Emmaus: painting with the eyes of faith by John Dunne
• Bella Italia: landscape sketches from central Italy, by Mandy McFadden
• Spiritual Vision Welded: A sculptor's faith and work, by Marianne Kantert
• Endurance and Faithfulness: An Artist's Journey Begins, by Marianne Kantert
• Plague of the Firstborn and Christ’s Death on the Cross, art by Yvette Rock
• Plague of Violence, Recent art work by Yvette Rock
• Spring Forward - An Artist's Sampler, watercolors by Ros Yates

Art Series Series by David Kurani
Nature Painted With Grace: landscapes of Lebanon by David Kurani

• Scenes From the Holy Land, watercolors by David Kurani
Springtime in Lebanon, art work - Part 1, by David Kurani
• Street Scenes in Beirut, recent art work - part 3, by David Kurani
Landscapes in Lebanon, art work - part 4, by David Kurani
• Scenes from Lebanon - A New Art Series, by David Kurani
• Scenes from the Bible, art work by David Kurani

Beatitude, poem by Sean O'Neill
• Loch Tarff - Scotland, The Wind, and The Trout, poems by Sean O'Neill
• Plague of Violence, Recent art work by Yvette Rock
• The Miraculous Insistence of Life, A poem by Sean O'Neill
• The Hill, a poem by Sean O'Neill
• On Examining a Lump of Earth, poem by Sean O'Neill
• Landfall – a prose poem in three parts: Genesis, Fall, Redemption

• Born This Eve, Poem by Lynne May
• Clearing ground, Poem by Joseph Matthias
Sychar, poem by John McCabe

Pillar of Cloud, poem by John Henry Newman
• God's Grandeur, by Gerard Manly Hopkins
• Prayer to Holy Spirit, verse by Edith Stein
• There's a Wideness in God's Mercy, poem Frederick William Faber (1814-1863)

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